Our Services

The activities of our Group are dedicated to the production and manufacture of Aluminium Castings requiring good surface finish, accurate dimensional stability and good metallurgical integrity, delivered to customers in medium to high volume engineering and manufacturing industries.

Tooling is produced by our tool and pattern making company at cost. Concept models and prototype tools can be provided to test market customer’s designs before proceeding with full production tooling. Our toolroom and pattern shop is equipped with 'state of the art' 5 axis CAD/CAM capability allied to CNC Machining Centres to significantly enhance accuracy and reduce lead times.

Alpac Alloys and Patay Bucks Castings are the production facilities for our Group. Aluminium Castings produced by the Precision Sand casting and Gravity Die casting processes are manufactured to quality management system ISO 9001:2000. Flexibility and customer service are paramount to our business.

Our customers markets are:
- Architectural
- Aerospace
- Defence
- Engineering
- Commercial
- Communications
- Power Supply
- Vehicle
- Marine