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Welcome to Alpac Patay Group

Manufacturers of Aluminium Castings in the UK.
Supplying Europe, USA; Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia.
Our Aluminium Foundries are located in the Midlands, Burton on Trent in Staffordshire and in the South of England, Burnham, and Slough in Buckinghamshire and London.
Aluminium Castings produced in medium to high volume by the Gravity Die Casting process, Permanent Mould process. Aluminium Castings in prototype and low volume, by the precision Sand Casting process.
We offer Aluminium Alloy Castings to a large range of industries, including Transport, Construction and Architectural, Power supply, Communications and General Engineering.

Alpac Patay Group - info@alpacpataygroup.co.uk